How to Do Business with The South Florida Regional Transportation Authority (SFRTA)

As designated by the SFRTA Governing Board through the SFRTA Executive Director, the SFRTA Procurement Department exercises control over the acquisition and disposition of commodities, goods and services. Additionally, in cooperation with the various end-user departments within SFRTA, the Procurement Department assists in the development of bid or proposal specifications and contract administration. The awarding of contracts to vendors for solicitations in excess of the threshold amounts listed herein is done by the SFRTA Governing Board.

The SFRTA Procurement Department makes every effort to maintain a good working relationship with all vendors who supply materials and services and continuously seeks the advice and counsel of the vendor community concerning improvements of such relationships. It is strongly believed that this process further fosters SFRTA’s on-going efforts in providing an ethical, equitable, fair and transparent procurement process.

  Vendor Lists

The SFRTA Procurement Department maintains a database of vendors for Informal (Small) Purchases. A prospective vendor interested in doing business with SFRTA is encouraged to apply on-line at the SFRTA web site by following the instructions found in Appendix “A” attached to this document. The prospective vendor may contact the Procurement Department at (954) 788-7912 for assistance.

The SFRTA Procurement Department utilizes the well-established standard National Institute of Governmental Purchasing Commodity/Services Code for describing commodities, materials and services provided by vendors. When supplies, equipment or services are required via Small Purchases, registered vendors that have expressed an interest providing those items or services may receive a notice of the upcoming Small Purchase. If a registered vendor does not enter a commodity code, the vendor will not be notified of such bids or proposal invitations.

  Taxpayer Identification and Certification (Form W-9)

Prospective vendors applying on-line at the SFRTA web site are required to include their Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). Prior to the issuance of a purchase order to a vendor, a Form W-9 will be required to be submitted.

  Minority Businesses

Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE)

The SFRTA actively encourages the participation of certified DBE firms in the solicitation process either as Prime Contractors or as Sub-Contractors. If you have checked the “Certified DBE Firm” box when registering online, SFRTA will verify current DBE eligibility status by looking at the firm’s DBE profile on the Florida Unified Certification Program (UCP) Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Directory. If your firm is not currently certified as a DBE, please refer to the link below to obtain information on qualification and application procedures.

  Debarment and Suspension

Prospective vendors are required to comply with U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, "Government wide Debarment and Suspension (Nonprocurement)". This requirement shall pass through to any and all subcontractors engaged in providing supplies or performing services.

  The Solicitation Process


Formal Solicitations are used for the procurement of Supplies, Services or Capital Projects estimated to be greater than $100,000.00. The three (3) most common Formal Solicitation methods used are a Formal Invitation to Bid (ITB), a Request for Proposal (RFP), or a Request for Qualifications (RFQ). Formal Solicitations are advertised by notice on the SFRTA Procurement website and in print advertisements. The advertisement for these Formal Solicitations will provide information regarding the solicitation.

Contracts resulting from ITB’s are typically awarded by the Governing Board to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder in the best interest of SFRTA.

Responses to RFP’s are evaluated at a public meeting by appointed evaluation committee members. Contracts resulting from RFP’s are typically awarded by the Governing Board to a responsive and responsible proposer that submits the most advantageous proposal to SFRTA, cost and other factors considered.

Responses to RFQ’s are evaluated and awarded pursuant to the provisions of Section 287.055, Florida Statutes, also known as the Consultants Competitive Negotiations Act (CCNA).

Upon selection of the lowest responsive and responsible bidder for any Formal Solicitation, a notice of Award will be placed on SFRTA’s website as a means of advising the public and vendor communities of the Award.


Small Purchases may be authorized by the Executive Director for Supplies, Services and Capital Projects, provided that each Small Purchase does not exceed $100,000.00. For Small Purchases, SFRTA will seek price quotations. These quotations may be requested using the e-procurement system, telephone, fax, or other methods of expediting the exchange of information between Vendors and the SFRTA Procurement Department.

Micro Purchases may be authorized by the Procurement Director for Supplies and Services, provided that each Micro Purchase does not exceed $3,000.00. For Micro Purchases, a variety of informal processes will be used to identify available vendors. A determination of fair and reasonable pricing of micro purchases will be made.

SFRTA has the ability to participate and/or utilize existing competitively let contracts by Federal, State, Local or other governmental entities when such contracts allow. This is commonly referred to as “piggybacking”. Such requirements for piggybacking depend on funding source.

SFRTA is an agency member of the Southeast Florida Governmental Purchasing Co-operative Group. This group is comprised of government entities from throughout the region to provide cost savings and cost avoidances to member entities by utilizing the buying power of combined requirements for common basic items.

As procurement schedules become available through Federal, State and Local Governments, SFRTA will utilize them as appropriate and in the best interest of SFRTA. Further, SFRTA will seek new opportunities to participate in the effective and efficient coordination of joint procurements where possible.

  Protest Procedures (Formal Solicitations)

SFRTA provides Interested Parties with the opportunity for an administrative review of written Protests and strives to resolve any Protest expeditiously at the Procurement Director’s level to the maximum extent possible. An Interested Party may file a Protest regarding the Solicitation Documents issued by SFRTA by filing a written Notice of Protest with SFRTA within seventy-two (72) hours from the availability date of the Solicitation Documents. An Interested Party may file a formal written Protest within ten (10) business days of filing a Notice of Protest. With respect to any Protest of Contract award, the Notice of Protest shall be filed within the Protest Period, as indicated in SFRTA’s Procurement Policy.


SFRTA will pay vendors within forty-five (45) calendar days from the date of receipt of the vendor's proper invoice or statement. SFRTA is exempt from Federal Excise and Sales taxes and the vendor will not include any charges representing such charges on any invoices which are submitted.

  Insurance and Bond Requirements

Firms performing in any capacity on the SFRTA rail corridor or on behalf of SFRTA may be required to provide certificate(s) of insurance prior to the commencement of any work. Typically, workers compensation, commercial general liability, and motor vehicle liability are required with the coverage limits set by SFRTA and listed in the solicitation requirements. Other coverage may be required as dictated by the services being supplied.

Bid, Payment, Performance and Warranty Bonds may be required as provided in the solicitation documents.

  Public Records

Responses to formal solicitations will be available for public inspection in compliance with Chapter 119, Florida Statutes, popularly known as the “Public Records Act.” SFRTA shall not be liable to a Bidder for disclosure of all or any portion of a submitted Bid. The Contractor shall allow public access to all documents, papers, letters, or other material, subject to the applicable provisions of Chapter 119, Florida Statute.

  SFRTA On-Line Vendor Registration Instructions

1. Go to

2. Click on the “Procurement” Link in the left-hand column.

3. Click on “New Vendor Registration”

4. Click on “New User” Tab

5. Please complete the registration form. After completing this form, you will have the opportunity to register for specific commodities or services your firm supplies.

Note: It is important that all new and existing vendors include their E-mail address and select commodity codes for all services and commodities they provide. This is critical to take full advantage of the system and enable SFRTA to notify vendors of future solicitation opportunities.

6. Click the “Next Step” button

7. Double check your information and click “Register”

8. If you have previously done business with SFRTA, please click on the “EXISTING Vendor” link (you will need your current SFRTA vendor number)

9. If you have not done business with SFRTA previously and are interested in doing business with SFRTA, please click on the “NEW Vendor” Link If you do NOT have a vendor account, enter required information below to create a new vendor account.

10. Click on your vendor name, click on the Edit link in the upper left hand corner to add Commodity Codes to your vendor account. Also click on the edit link to update your vendor profile if you are currently certified as a DBE (DBE 49 CFR PART 26) with the State of Florida Unified Certification Program.

11. If you have an existing vendor account, please click on the provided link to connect to your vendor account.

  Contact Information

To contact the Procurement Department, please call (954) 788-7912, the main SFRTA number at (954) 942-7245 or the Telecommunications Device for the Deaf at 1-800-273-7545 for more information. We may also be reached via fax at (954)-788-7963.

Christopher Bross, CPPO, FCPM, FCCN Procurement Director 954-788-7911
Oscar Nelson, CPPO, CSCP Procurement Manager 954-788-7906
Bobby Becker, CPPB, FCCN Contract Specialist 954-788-7909
Oretha Houser, CPPO, CPPB, C.P.M. Contract Specialist 954-788-1787
Bryan Kohlberg, CPPB, FCCN, FCCM Procurement Contracting Manager 954-788-7910
V. Martin Kelly, CPPB Procurement Specialist 954-788-7913
Charmaine Davis-Matthei Purchasing Specialist 954-788-7905
Debra Lehrhaupt Administrative Assistant 954-788-7912

Thank you for your interest in doing business with the SFRTA. The provision of vital transportation services to our customers is ultimately the result of a partnership between SFRTA and the vendor community, which provides the goods and services needed to support SFRTA operations.